Revolutionize the way you host and attend events

Fear of missing out, what's that?

Discover events near you in real-time and see which of your friends are also going or host your own events! Instantly access your Zickets to events or use the scanner to check-in your attendees. Never be bored or miss out again as there’s always something to do with Slizzr right at your fingertips. Fear of missing out, what’s that?

man in white crew neck t-shirt wearing black cap
man in white crew neck t-shirt wearing black cap


  • Discover events around you real-time on the interactive map

  • Search for events happening

  • Get invited to private events



  • Find people to attend your events near you

  • Make your events Free, Prepaid or Scan-&-Pay at Door

  • Set vour event as public (anyone can attend) or private invitation only)



  • Built-in payment integration for payments and payouts

  • Check-in to an event on the app with your Zicket

  • Scan attendees to check them in to your event



  • Share public events with anyone

  • Send Direct Invites to only those you want attending your private events

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